This Christmas the miracles are made by you fundraised nearly 45 000BGN in support of the children and families in need

By 31.01.2020News

For Our Children Foundation’s achievements for 2019

The seventh edition of ‘This Christmas the miracles are made by you’ campaign of For Our Children Foundation inspired nearly 50 small and large socially-responsible companies, schools, nursery, educational centre, media and other teams to provide hundreds of children with the gift of happy childhood in a family. Together and unnoticed we managed to fundraised the sum of 44 161 BGN. It will be used to support hundreds of children and families at risk, to respond to the specific needs of children with developmental problems, and will provide them with the chance to reach their full potential.


During the last weeks of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, with fresh ideas, encouraged by the Christmas spirit, the teams organized different small initiatives in their offices – they danced in order to welcome the festive mood, shared motivating thoughts and thankfulness around the specifically-prepared table, exchanged cards, full of kind words what we never have time for during our fast everyday life.


This Christmas the miracles are made by you of For Our Children Foundation once again united colleagues and friends, awakened their Christmas spirit, related it to cause and proved that doing good is not only easy, but could be very funny as well. We are proud that during the last edition, many new participants took place, for whom the experience was exciting and different.


On 30th January the closing event united small part of the participants in This Christmas the miracles are made by you 7.


Our team expressed our thankfulness and declared the results of the fundraising campaign. During the emotional event, the attending people shared the good actions that inspire them every day and wished that the campaign will keep growing and uniting inspired people in the future, as well.


“With the fundraised sum we will take care of the needs of children and families who face difficulties. They need miracles during the entire year. That is why we wish you to find occasions to create miracles whenever you are able to! We wish you all to keep knitting the net of good with your everyday actions” – concluded Dobrina Kisova from our team.


Learn more about the campaign  from the VIDEO