This Christmas You do the miracles in support of the most vulnerable children starts for the 7th consecutive year

By 19.11.2019News

For the 7th consecutive year “For our children” foundation gave start to the charity campaign “This Christmas You do the miracles”. The new edition again is aiming to engage and inspire employees of big and small companies to organize by themselves fun fundraising initiatives in their offices, the funds from which to donate to cause of “For our children” foundation.


On the website of the campaign the organizers offer 12 interesting ideas for Christmas fun through which the employees of socially responsible companies can get to know their colleagues, to feel the Christmas spirit, to have fun and at the same time to help more children to feel the real spirit of Christmas.


Have you ever though how fun it would be to remind yourselves of a long forgotten traditional dance…at the office? Or to make yourselves an improvised Winter Olympics in between the desks and computers. You can measure strengths with a colleague through arm wrestling with winter gloves, to show how fast you are in a race with Christmas socks or to make a race according to your taste. All of this, while donating!


Speaking of taste – what better than an amazing dinner table for Christmas?  Seduce your senses and turn the ordinary lunch break into a real experience with the smell of apples, cinnamon, hot chocolate, banitsa with fortunes and many other culinary delights made by you and your colleagues.


For those who like to show their talents (or just to manifest) – show your talent at a karaoke or an afternoon of talents. Christmas spirit bound with a cause will surely make a lot of people bring their guitars in the office, show a handmade box, painting made by them, frames from their amazing sports skills or some other hobby.


For more ideas visit the campaigns website HERE and see the full list  of challenges which prove that to do good is easy and can be a lot of fun. There you will find every initiative alongside with a package of all the necessary for the organization materials.

Shared emotion and the desire to help coming from the heart are the base of the success of “This Christmas You do the miracles”. Over 120 socially responsible companies have taken part in the previous editions. Last year the gathered over 60 000 BGN were invested in services giving happy childhood and in a secure family environment for the most vulnerable children.


We believe that this year we can accomplish more!


Help more children live the magic called family! Take part in 0887070279 or  because This Christmas you do the miracles!