Three new programs for children at risk in 8 municipalities around the city of Plovdiv disclosed by For our children foundation

By 08.11.2019News

Three new programs for children at risk disclosed by “For our children” foundation in the municipalities Rodopi,  Stamboliyski, Asenovgrad, Maritsa, Sadovo, Kuklen, Plovdiv and Perushtitsa . They will be presented in every of the municipalities during the specially organized from the foundation informational meetings. On the forums which will be in the period 11-28 November representors from local organizations which deliver social services, government structures, employers and the business, health and educational specialists and other interested sides will be invited.


“Individual grade and direct toward social and integrated services” is one of the three programs which will be disclosed the goal is children from the vulnerable groups and their parents to have access to services for social including suitable for their needs.


The program “Consultative and therapeutic support” is directed towards children with damages and difficulties in the development aged from 0 to 3 and will assure opportunity for consulting of parents, rehabilitation and therapeutic services, medical examination and assistance of children in need.


The program “Support for development and socialization” is directed towards children at risk which often are excluded from the accessible for other children forms of socialization. It will help the development and socialization of children so that the negative impact  which the exclusion has on their development and accomplishments will be overcame.


Timetable with meetings:


Rodopi Municipality – 11.11.2019, 15:00 o`clock, Municipality council hall

Stamboliyski Municipality – 13.11.2019, 14:40 o`clock, Ritual hall in the Community Center “Nikola Vaptsarov”

Maritsa Municipality – 14.11.2019, 15:00 o`clock, hall of the Municipality Council Hall – Maritsa

Asenovgrad Municipality – 18.11.2019, 15:00 o`clock, Hall of the Town Library “Paisius of Hilendar”

Sadovo Municipality – 19.11.2019, 15:00 o`clock, hall of the Municipality administration – Sadovo

Kuklen Municipality – 21.11.2019, 15.00 o`clock, hall of the Municipality administration – Kuklen

Plovdiv Municipality – 26.11.2019, 14:00 o`clock, small conference hall  – House of Culture “Boris Hristov”

Perushtitsa Municipality – 28.11.2019 /expect further information/

The eight meetings  will be realized within the project “Initiative for development and social inclusion – for our children”, financed by Operation program “Human resources development” 2014 – 2020, co-financed  from the European social fund of the European Union.