To lend a hand on time. How the support of CPC “St. Sofia” helped a mother overcome her difficulties and become a better parent

By 03.07.2020Blog

Vyara Panayotova, Senior Specialist Social Service


Monica came to the St. Sophia Community Support Center pregnant in the seventh month, very worried and confused.



She told me that at the moment, due to her advanced pregnancy, she is unable to work, has no other income and does not know how she will be able to take care of her future child. She told me that she could not count on the support of the child’s father, as she had broken up with Venci shortly after finding out about the pregnancy.




Although the pregnancy was unexpected and unplanned, Monica was determined to take care of her future daughter and be a good mother. She lived with her brother Rosen’s family, his wife and their two young daughters. They directed her to the CPC “St. Sofia”, because after the birth of their second daughter three years ago, they reached out for our support as well.




The first thing I did after I took Monica’s case was to help her do all the necessary check-ups and tests to make sure that both her and the baby were healthy.




At our next meetings we discussed how she should take better care of herself until the end of the pregnancy, about the upcoming birth, I taught her how to take care of her daughter after the birth. A few weeks before Vicky was born, I provided everything needed for her coming – a cot, a basin, clothes, diapers, baby cosmetics, etc., so Monica could calmly welcome her daughter Victoria.




Immediately after the birth of little Vicky, Monica told Venci that he had become a father and he came to the hospital to see his daughter. Immediately on the spot, the two decided to live together again and take care of their child.




However, the difficulties for the family were not over – a few days after they returned home, Monica noticed that Vicky was having difficulty breathing. She immediately took her to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with congenital pneumonia, gastroesophageal reflux disease and acute respiratory failure. Both of them stayed in the hospital for more than a week. After the child was discharged, due to her illness, she had to eat only expensive specially adapted milk that the family could not afford. That’s why we bought the prescribed medicines, as well as the special milk. So her treatment continued in a calmer atmosphere at home.




Unfortunately, a week after Vicki returned home, she again had difficulty breathing due to reflux and again had to stay in the hospital for a week with Monica. The diagnosis was changed, and with it the medication Vicky had to take. The family was not able to buy them, so we again supported them financially.


Vicky is now 4 months old and is already eating well, and we continue to support the family, not only financially in purchasing the necessary medicines and special formula, but also by regularly advising Monica and Venci on how to take the best care of their daughter and how to best protect themselves from respiratory illnesses that could be very dangerous for Vicky.