Today our FTPC “Children’s House” said goodbye to its loudest occupant

By 19.01.2018Blog

Today we said goodbye to our sweetheart – Ivan, who we sent off in the arms of his new mommy and daddy.


The first time we laid eyes on Vanko was 6 months ago, when we has only 2 weeks old – a very tiny baby, with curly black hair and beautiful brown eyes. Even then Vanko was the loudest baby at out Children’s House and even though we rarely heard his voice, he was truly scary whenever he got mad and started to cry. A child with an established character, the baby-sitters commented amongst themselves.


Besides being loud, the baby had an unique charm and was a true fury – he always liked to be the center of attention, never stopped crawling and messing with all the other babies. For his new mommy and daddy, Vanko has prepared a wide repertoire of all sorts of baby performances, which we believe will bring a lot of laughter and jolly moments to the new family.


Vanko is one of the 7 children who spent the first months of their lives in the cozy environment of our Children’s House, and for whom we managed to find a loving family in 2017.  Five of them were adopted, 1 we returned to its biological family, and 1 we entrusted to one of our loving foster families and is now waiting to be adopted.

Our Family type placement center “Children’s House” is a place for little children (up to 6 children, age 0 to 7), abandoned by their parents, oftentimes right after birth. At our Children’s House the babies receive full-time care, attention and lots of love, while our experts seek a more permanent solution for each and every one of them – return it to its biological family, adoption, or accommodating it in a foster family. In the last 5 years since its foundation, our Children’s House has been a temporary home for 38 children, 34 of which are already adopted. Thanks to the professionalism of our team and our positive cooperation with the Departments of Child Protection, each of the children only stays at the House between 4 and 6 months, after which it is either reintegrated, adopted, or entrusted to a loving foster family.