Today our little “Antonio Banderas” left “Children’s House” together with his new mom and dad

By 14.11.2017Blog

Today, we sent the little beautiful Tony from “Children’s House” to his new home, with his new loving mom and dad.


Tony came to us immediately after birth, at 15 days of age, and very soon became the pearl in the crown of “Children’s House”. He was crying a lot, was capricious, and he was a little bit naughty, but he was captivating everyone around him with unique charm, smile, big eyes and curly dark hair. The little buddy was very sick, had a slight backwardness – he could not turn around for 7 months, but with the support of psychologists and specialists from “Early Childhood Intervention” at “For Our Children” foundation, Tony quickly overcame the problems and is now in full readiness to learn how to walk. Together with the other  kids from “Children’s House”, Tony had fun each week with “Music in Action”, organized by the Center for Public Support “St. Sofia, “he sang in his own baby language, danced with a daire and drummed on drums. But his favorite thing was the puppet theater – he was  laughing out loud every time he was watching it.


Yesterday was Tony’s first birthday. We celebrated it in  “Children’s House” with delicious treats and many presents, but the biggest gift for the baby arrived a bit later – his new mom and dad, glowing with happiness and tears in the eyes. The three of them headed for their new life as a healthy and happy family. And to the two-meter cake with which they will treat all their relatives and friends for Tony’s birthday.


And we, the “Children’s House” team, want Tony to have a wonderful and sunny childhood and continue to capture everyone with his unique charm and a curly, beautiful head.


Tony is one of 33 children who, after spending a few months in “Children’s House”, found a loving and stable family. For 5 years now, “Children’s House” is functioning so that the abandoned babies can get the care and attention necessary for each child in a safe, family-friendly environment. “Children’s House” is a place for the transition of abandoned children from temporary to long-term family environment without having to spend the first moments of their lives in the loneliness and isolation of the social home.