Two childhood rescuers from For our children foundation received special acknowledgement

By 19.11.2019News

During an emotional awarding ceremony “Childhood rescuers” Ivanka Shalapatova from “For our children” foundation and Galina Angelova – one of the foster mothers we support received an acknowledgement for the big contribution they have for the development of the foster care in Bulgaria.


Galina Angelova received an award in the category “Foster parent” of the National foster care association after being nominated by “For our children” foundation. Since 2012 she together with her husband Aleksei has dedicated herself to the cause every child to grow loved in a family. Besides the thought that she supports children in need satisfaction brings her the fact that foster care makes her wiser and makes her give her best while taking care of foster children. She says that like that they can continue confident and successfully on their way in the new stages of their lives even after her support.






The second acknowledgement which “For our children” foundation received was the special award for “Person with contribution to NFCA” which our executive director received during the ceremony. The award was awarded as gratitude for the enormous merit which Ivanka Shalapatova has in establishing of the National foster care association. 10 years ago she was among the initiators for creating NFCA and organizing an international conference during which a decision to create an association which will protect the interests of the children was taken.


Like that for 10 years the most vulnerable children in Bulgaria receive support and secure family environment due to the people who unite around the cause and give their time and effort in the of the development of foster care.


We congratulate all awarded “Childhood rescuers” and we wish them many long years to give love and care to children.