Vyara and Nadezhda … and the Love between them

By 21.03.2019Blog

Vyara was 29 when she get divorced with her husband. She was alone in raising her daughter. Like any young woman, even after the disappointment of her first marriage, she dreams for a relationship with a happy end – a family in a home, where she can raise her child in love and understanding.


After the divorce, Vyara and her daughter start living in Vyara’s mother’s place – Mariya. The three quickly get used to living together. Vyara finds work next to her home and slowly but confidently she begins to arrange her life. At her workplace she often talks to an older man – in her words “gallant” and “a real gentleman”. Gradually, the feelings between them become more and more ignited. They understand each other, he helps her in the care of the home and the child. He shows her how to live a peaceful life and enjoy everything she has.


When Vyara’s mother finds out about her relationship with Dimitar, shares her unwillingness for her daughter to communicate and to be with a person older than her. In love, Vyara refuses to listen to her mother, their relationship is getting worse and Mariya decides to go abroad.


After her mother’s departure, Vyara finds out that she is expecting a child – result of her love with Dimitara child who is going to erase the bitter memories of her previous marriage. Her happiness is over when Dimitar leaves her – he refuses to take care of a child at his age and he can’t believe the child is his.


Fear starts to occupy Vyara – is she going to handle it by herself? The time passes, but doesn’t heal – her love for Dimitar is still strong. Lonely, without support, without a job. Vyara loses her faith, her hope. Her love. From the social media she finds out about our team from the Community Support Center “For Children and Parents” in Plovdiv and connects immediately with our specialists.


Our social worker meets Vyara at her home almost the same moment we understood she needs help. She talks with her, gives her advices, tries to encourage and support her in order not to give up on her baby, who was going to be born soon.


And really, a few weeks later Nadezhda was born – with the birth of Nadezhda – a blonde, blue-eyed beautiful girl, the hope and faith returned to Vyara’s heart. Right after the discharge from the hospital we provided clothes, diapers, adapted milk, cosmetics and a new baby cart for the little lady. We also continued to support the mother Vyara, who was really scared and worried after the birth. For one year we were helping the mother in the care of her two little girls – with her, we experienced all of the difficulties – small and big. With every single day she was getting more and more confident as a parent. Her fear disappeared.


With our support and with the love of her mother and her older sister, today Nadezhda grows up in a peaceful environment, good care and attention. And to be full of happiness, realizing his mistake, the father of the girl came back, accepted her, Vyara forgave him and now they are taking care for their family together. Grandmother Mariya, though from a distance, regularly spoils the girls with beautiful clothes and presents.


“To believe there is a way out, to be able to support a mother you don’t know – that’s impossible. But you showed me there is hope, there is faith and good people who believe in me.” – shares with gratitude Vyara.





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