We changed the fates of over 1400 children and families in 2019

By 29.06.2020News


A year is both very short and very long. 2019 gave us 365 opportunities to change the world around us for the better. This is what we aspired to – we worked tirelessly and selflessly, and we used every moment to be with the children and families in need. And we managed to change for the better the fates of over 1,400 of them.




We have done many good deeds, we have experienced difficulties and happy moments, we have helped many children and families, we have given hope and a new beginning to many fragile lives. We did it together with you – our donors and friends!




What and how we achieved, how we overcame the difficulties and how we celebrated the successes, we share in the Annual Report of the foundation. We offer you to get acquainted with our history of what we have succeeded in and failed to achieve in our efforts to change our country for the better for children and families.




Our achievements and your support motivate us to continue to do it with even greater diligence in order to overcome the difficulties together!




Thank you for being our supporters and continuing to support us, so that more children grow up happy and loved in a family!




Read the full report on the work of the For Our Children Foundation in 2019 HERE.