We organized a pre-holiday thanksgiving day at SBAL Children’s Hospital “Prof. Dr. Ivan Mitev”

By 18/12/2018News

Our mobile team wakes the Christmas spirit there, where needed

At the snowy end of the year, we went back to our memories from it to those hard moments which made us stronger people, moments of joy with family and friends. This is the time to say “Thank you” for all this! And to take the pencil and dream a little in our list for Santa Claus!

“Thank you” is among the first words we teach our children. And we dedicated one pre- Christmas day for young and old at SBAL Children’s Hospital “Prof. Dr. Ivan Mitev” exactly to this virtue. The mobile team of the foundation, together with the actress Zvezdomira Georgieva and the musician Konstantin Kuchev, sparkled the Christmas spirit of children in need, to their parents, and to the doctors and nurses at the hospital, bringing music and fun.


Xo-Xo-Xo Every child deserves to have magical holidays, to believe in miracles, to dream! We are happy because we managed to cheer up the children again, even though only for a moment, because some of them won’t spend the Christmas holidays at their warm home.


The initiative is organized by the project “Care at early age”, executed by “For Our Children” foundation with funding by the OAK foundation. The project aims to improve the development and well-being of children at early age (0-7) by implementing integrated health-social and family-oriented approach to childcare.