We Supported Over 570 Children and Their Families Since the Beginning of This Year

By 13.04.2020News

Over 570 children and families received support from For Our Children Foundation during the first quarter of 2020. We remained by their side even during the days of the state of emergency and isolation.


We are proud that we succeeded in saving 6 children from abandoning at the maternity ward who will now grow and develop around the love and care of their biological family.

This is possible thanks to our partnership with several hospitals is Sofia and Plovdiv, and the timely emotional, psychological and material support, that we provide for parents at the maternity wards. Thus, they can overcome the fear and worry that they would be unable to take care of their child. The individual approach, as well as the activation of the supportive network from the entire family, changed the destinies of the children and they remained next to their biological mother and father.


We supported 65 children in the Early Childhood Development program at our community support centers in Sofia and Plovdiv. In addition to the children with developmental difficulties, we work with children at nurseries, foster families or confided to public care, as well as with parents of children at an early age. The foster parents that we supported at our Foster Care Center are 25.


Our experts worked on 146 cases of families where there are parents with addictions, mental illnesses, disorders, criminal history, as well as children who survived violence, with behavioral difficulties, at risk of dropping out from school and others within the “Family Support for Secure Care and Risk Prevention”. The “Initiative for Social inclusion – For Our Children” supported 23 children, and 19 took part in the program “Socializing Activities for Children Confined to Public Care”.


We helped 189 parents to feel more confident and empowered and to develop their capacity in order to respond to their children’s needs.

This happened thanks to the parental skills courses that we conduct. We trained 29 adoptive applicants, so they can be prepared for the meeting with their child when the moment comes. For the first time in our history, the course took place online successfully, due to the restrictions related to the spread of COVID-19.


We continue to support the most vulnerable children and their families regardless of the current situation. We remain right next to the children with disabilities, the children in a poverty situation or with no access to education.


Support our works, so we can continue to support the children in need and their families.