What is happening in the Children’s House

By 26.06.2020News


Here is a walk in our Children’s House – the place where children receive individual love and care while waiting for their family.




Our babysitters want to share that despite the extraordinary weather, somehow extremely good things happen there.




At the moment in our family accommodation center we take care of 5 sunshines – Maria, Christian, Victor, Emma and Miroslav, and 4 of them are already looking forward to their parents during the adjustment hours. And we also look forward to them with joy, because the excitement and happiness in their eyes as they embrace the children are so invigorating that they fill the atmosphere of the house with love that reaches all the way to the rain gutters outside.




Maria is the most observant and studies everything and everyone with such seriousness before responding. But if one wins her approval, she absorbs words, sounds, movements, and expressions in seconds. It was her endless curiosity that helped her let go of the girls in the Children’s Home and boldly set out to explore the world around her. Of course, we made her a forerunner, and she unwaveringly grabbed her doctor’s toy.


Two days later we were laughing when, on the second meeting with her parents, she simply opened her arms, quickened her pace, and hugged her father.





Christian is 8 months old and always cheerful. Only around 16:00 he apparently starts getting nervous waiting for mom and dad, and they almost always eagerly wait at the door for the agreed time. We will admit that after we met his parents and saw him in their arms, for three days we were overwhelmed by the strong emotion and affection that was already felt between the three of them.





Victor is the eldest and Emma is the youngest, but they will both be home with their parents soon. We believe that because of this they are smiling more and more often, talking and singing more and more, they are becoming more and more impatient – but with this invigorating impatience, which makes the day happy.





Miroslav is our little genius. He is about to be rehabilitated in order to become even more confident in his movements and to be able to embrace his mother and father with love very soon.






It is lively in the Children’s House, because everyone is already feeling the upcoming long and happy summer.






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