When dreams (don’t) come true

By 22.06.2018Blog

We met Silvia for a first time in a hospital in Plovdiv, where she was alone and insecure, and was thinking about leaving her newborn child. The doctors from the hospital called the Community Support Center “For Children and Parents” of the “For Our Children” foundation. One of our social workers – Tanya, came to the hospital immediately, to make everything in her power so the mother and the baby would stay together.


In less than an hour, Tanya got to know a lot about Silvia and her big family. She and her partner Angel have loved each other since they were children, and they could not wait until the moment they can have their own family, with healthy, beautiful children, and live in a big house. Unfortunately, their dream didn’t quite come true. After Silvia and Angel started living together, they had 4 children, but their home wasn’t the same as they imagined it when they were younger. Silvia and 2 of her children live in an almost destroyed house with broken windows, rotten door and squeaky floor. Her firstborn child was born with a disability and now lives with a foster family that can take a better care of it. Angel works abroad, so he can support his family, and rarely comes home. Silvia feels lonely and confused, and she is not sure whether she should keep their fourth child.


Tanya talked with Silvia and gave her hope, ensured her that the whole team from CSC “For Children and Parents” will support her so she and her baby will stay together. They gave her a pack, containing everything that a newborn baby needs – diapers, clothes, shampoos and soaps, milk etc. Having this support and knowing she is not alone, Silvia sees hope and decides to take her newborn home.


“From now on Silvia will face many challenges, but they will only make her a better wife and mother,” says Tanya. Both of them will work together so Silvia will know how to keep her home clean and safe for her baby, how to clean after it and to help its future development. The newborn’s name is Valeri – called after her father. “I immediately saw that Silvia really wanted to know how to take a better care of her children. She is responsible, and she listens to all my tips” Says Tanya.


We will continue to work with Silvia and her family, until she feels ready to take care of it by herself, and to be a good responsible parent.