When fairy tales come to life in a telephone conversation with a favorite character

By 02.07.2020News


“Hello! I’m Elsa, the Princess of the Frozen Kingdom. Is there anyone out there? Do you hear me?”.




Thus began the telephone conversation between four girls and their favorite character – children who are going through difficulties at a fragile age and with whom the family therapist of the Foundation “For Our Children” Petya Yanachkova works.




With a song from the first part of the film, Elsa led the children into the fairy-tale world of the Frozen Kingdom, and they, huddled by the phone, listened quietly. The youngest, in turn, surprised her favorite heroine by also giving her a song – “Ode to Joy”, and received a standing ovation for her talent.




Then from the warm room of the Center for Public Support “St. Sofia ”of the foundation on the icy side of Elsa were flooded with questions. Elsa, why does Olaf love hugs after she melts? ”,“ Why do you wear gloves all the time? ”,“ Why did you push your sister Anna away? ”,“ What is your favorite activity? ”… And more, and more .




The girls learned that friends should support and defend each other, just as Elsa defends her friend Olaf and makes a snow cloud over him to help him not melt after each warm friendly hug. Because the nimble snowman carries a real heart and like any human being, he needs warmth, love and tender care.




Elsa also told them that each of us sometimes does things that don’t seem right and good. The important thing is to realize it and have the power to explain and apologize as she apologized to her sister Anna in the movie. And her gloves, they are to control the magical power that Elsa is endowed with. This force, which can be both good and bad, can destroy and create. We must use our strengths and talents properly.




“Will you teach us to do magic like you?” A child’s voice rang out with another question.




“No, children, I will not teach you my magic,” sighed the sweet voice on the phone. – “Because the greatest magic is to love people and be good. You have this magic in you. Do it every day – love your loved ones. Even if they are not with you sometimes, remember that they love you too. And be good every day.




Thus an hour passed imperceptibly, in which the children’s eyes were constantly shining. The girls and Elsa parted with an invitation to visit the Frozen Kingdom one day and even arranged the appropriate outfits. They also parted with the promise to learn the “big secret” first – whether there will be a third part of the film.




The phone conversation with a favorite character happened on July 1, 2020 thanks to a voucher given to us by Ms. Spirova – one of the creators of Project #FORTHEGOOD, who won the experience in a Charity Auction – Beds for Healing in early June.




And on the phone was not anyone, but the magical Nadezhda Panayotova – actress and professor at NATFA, the voice that voices the favorite children’s characters from Disney movies: Elsa in “Frozen Kingdom”, Rapunzel in “Rapunzel and the Robber”, Viroglava in ” How to Train a Dragon “, the Ladybug from” The Ladybug and the Black Cat “, as well as many other characters from cartoons that have become part of the lives of Bulgarian children.




To her little fans, Elsa had sent personal letters with the wish “Believe in your path and follow your dreams!”. This is the mission of our team – to help each child grow confidently and develop their potential. We thank the beloved heroine Elsa for the priceless messages and for the magic that the children experienced! Thanks to everyone who made this unforgettable meeting possible.