Who is a friend was discussed by students, together with the team of “For Our Children” Foundation

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Our training course for tolerance and friendship has passed with a lot of emotions with the students from two of the 3rd grade classes of Vasil Levski Primary School in Rogosh, Plovdiv. Chief Expert Early Childhood Development – Tsvetelina Ganeva and the social workers Stela Aleksandrova and Margarita Cherneva from The Community Support Center “For Children and Parents” did their best to gain the knowledge of the students related to the emotional intelligence, the ways to cope with an aggressive behavior and the building a positive relationship between each other.


Rules during the education

The pedagogues from the school connected our specialist with a request to share with the children more about the good ways to express our feelings, on the base of their expertise, so that we don’t offend or hurt the others. And also how to be more tolerant of the differences between us.


“Draw your best friend”

Right from the beginning of the training sessions, we created together some group rules. In order to remember them better, we played a several games – exercises with the students. The most interesting for the children was the discussion for the best friends and for the qualities they need to have.



Here are some of the descriptions of a friend, which were given by the children:


  •  He has to be good and to help me in difficult moments, to play together..
  •  To drive bikes together..
  •  We have to help each other and to play together..
  •  The best friends are not only boys, they can be girls too..
  •  Ivan is giving me ideas..
  •  My best friend plays football, watches movies and wants to become a goalkeeper one day. If he does, I would be really happy for him..
  •  You have to share with your best friend secrets and he has to keep them safe..
  •  My best friend’s name is Stani. We both go to visit his grandmother together. He always helps me in difficult times. When we fight is just for one minute, He is the person who helps me and I believe he won’t let me down if I share him a secret.
  •  My best friend’s name is Mariya. Once I struggled with a task and she helped me. We love playing hide and seek.


The loneliness is one of the most common problems in today’s “digital childhood”. The sooner we start building an atmosphere of tolerance for our children, give them a chance to say what they need to say, in order to hear their opinion, the earlier we would be able to prevent future forms of aggression. It’s important for children to recognize the different emotions – both theirs and those of others. This way the children build positive relationships, teamwork and cooperation.


We are looking forward to hear what the bigger children think on topics, related to the emotional intelligence. To be continued..


What children shared with us


P.S. all of the names of the children in the material have been replaced by fictional ones in order to keep their true identity in secret.