Zhorko Received the Best Birthday Present

By 19.06.2020Blog

After several months spent among the devoted efforts of our childminders at Children’s House, Zhorko returned to his biological family in order to grow up happy and loved and to share the most special childhood moments with his parents.


Georgi came to our Family Type Placement Center when he was 4 months old due to temporary difficulties that his family experienced while taking care of him. Our childminders provided all the needed care for him so that he did not miss anything. He was enrolled with the GP who supports all the children at our Children’s House – Dr. Stancheva. With our specialists’ support, all the needed vaccinations were caught upon. The special food at Children’s House helped his healthy and nutritional eating and he gained weight.


The individual approach and the devoted care quickly influenced Georgi and soon he became the most smiley child at Children’s House. He easily made friends with the other young inhabitants of the Family Type Placement Centre. He chose his favorite toys and was ready to share them with the other children while participating in their baby games and activities. And after the games, what he loved the most was to be read books to, and he used to explore the fairytale worlds of the characters from the illustrations with interest.


The love that he was surrounded by every day influenced his development.

He became exceptionally curious and quickly learned to explore everything from the surrounding world, just like the other children. Our childminders were right next to him and recently celebrated his huge success – a few days ago he made his first three steps.


While he was at Children’s House, our specialists from the Community Support Center “St. Sofia” actively cooperated so that his relatives can feel more empowered and confident, and overcome the challenges, so that the moment when they will live happily together can come.


Thus a special day came – Georgi’s birthday.

Apart from the festive occasion, what made his day exceptionally emotional and memorable was his return to his biological family. Regardless of our affection to the children that we take care of, we know that the most appropriate environment for a child is the family one. That is why, in the day when Zhorko turned 1, we sent him with tears of happiness and wished him to be loved and happy, to develop and walk bravely, and to have a wonderful childhood, full of wonderful moments. Moments shared with the most important people for him – his family!


“Goodbye, sunny child. Always remain the smiling, radiant and playful angel that you are! We gave you a lot of love at Children’s House but you gave us much more – innocent children’s love, sunlight and boundless trust!” – these are the words that one of our childminders said goodbye to him with.




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